NBA Season Previews Team By Team

In the coming month before the season begins, us here at Hoop City have decided to do team-by-team NBA season previews. Every weekday (with some exceptions) we will do two in-depth previews of teams, starting next week and finishing off a few days before the season tip. This is the schedule right now (find your team!):

10/8: Hawks, Warriors

10/9: Bobcats, Clippers

10/10: Heat, Lakers

10/11: Magic, Suns

10/12: Wizards, Kings


10/15: Bulls, Nuggets

10/16: Cavaliers, Timberwolves

10/17: Pistons, Blazers

10/18: Pacers, Thunder

10/19: Bucks, Jazz


10/22: Celtics, Mavericks

10/23: Nets, Rockets

10/24: Sixers, Grizzlies

10/25: Raptors, Hornets

10/26: Knicks, Spurs

As you can see, we are doing one Eastern Conference team and one Western Conference team each day. It’s going to be great!


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