LosAngeles Lakers Season Preview


Offseason Moves-Traded for Dwight Howard, traded away Andrew Bynum in the Dwight Howard trade, kept Pau Gasol, got Steve Nash…uhh is anything else they did important?

Expectations-58 Wins, 1 of the top 2 seeds in the West, at least the Western Conference Finals
Worst Case Scenario-Dwight’s back injury is worse than they feared, Dwight is never at 100%/goes down again, 4th seed in the West due to Dwight being hurt.

Yeah…the Lakers are good. Like really good. Like really really really oh come on good. The offseason they had was just unfair enough in getting Steve Nash. But Dwight Howard? I still get mad sometimes that my favorite team made a team I really for the most part have never liked get so much better. So who are threats to the Lakers? Well the Clippers and Spurs obviously. Am I forgetting someone? Oh right the Thunder. They’re an under the radar team this year with a guy named Kevin Durant. You may have heard of him. Believe it or not but the Lakers entire season depends on the gigantic shoulders of Dwight Howard. This guy will make or break this team’s season. Dwight Howard is more important than Kobe, he’s more important than Pau Gasol, he’s more important than Steve Nash. Without Dwight this team doesn’t make the finals. Dwight Howard’s defensive ability alone makes the Lakers an automatic Top 10 defense and Mike Brown being a coach who prides himself on defense this team will be absolutely scary on defense. Ron Artest (no I’m not calling him that) may not be the ruthless defender he once was but he can still play defense. He doesn’t have the ability on the perimeter to stop Kevin Durant or Russell Westbrook like he once did but that’s okay. Mike Brown, Arest, and Dwight, This trifecta of defense will cause havoc for other teams. Kobe Bryant is Kobe. Kobe’s ability to score, at times it seems like at will, makes him the #1 option on offense. Kobe may not be the player he once was but the name still strikes fear into younger or not as good defenders, he can still shoot, he can still create problems for a defense and he demands attention. This attention will be great for Pau Gasol. Pau is no slouch on defense but his main contributions to this team will be offense. Pau at times struggled last year but I don’t think that will happen this year. Dwight’s ability on defense will allow Pau to put some more energy towards offense which will let him play a little tougher and he can clean up any rebounds Dwight can’t get to. The final piece to the puzzle is Steve Nash. Nash is the glue that holds this team together. This guy likes to run and when he needs to run he has Dwight, who is arguably the fastest running big man in the league, to run with him. Nash is one of the best passers and best floor generals in the NBA, he can spot up and shoot, he has one of the best floaters ever, he has a great offensive game. His defense isn’t the best in the world but when you have Dwight behind you that isn’t so important (Jameer Nelson is proof of this). The Lakers bench is meh, nothing too spectacular on there so if teams are going to strike at them it will have to be during a period where the starting lineup has to take a breather. I have the Lakers in the NBA finals. It’s not going to be an easy road but I think Dwight is going to be MVP this year. I’m going to be angry watching the Magic lose 60 games while the Lakers win 58 but so be it. Lakers fans you get another great team just be sure to give Dwight his due.


About Chris Barnewall
Hi I'm Chris. I'm from the Space Coast of Florida where NASA is. I grew up watching shuttles launch into the sky and watching the Orlando Magic on my TV. I hope by giving you my opinions and analysis on basketball we can have some awesome discussions on the topics I write. If you want to see some of the other random things I enjoy and talk about then go give me a follow on Twitter. @ChrisJandB Lets have fun with this!

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