Detroit Pistons Season Preview: A Long Road to Glory

Team Capsule

In 2004, the Pistons were at the top of the world. They had the team with no weaknesses. All 5 of their players combined to make one powerhouse team that defeated Kobe, Shaq and the LA Lakers in 5 games to win the championship.

And then it all went downhill.

Players were leaving and getting old, front office changes were happening, and disaster struck. Detroit traded franchise player Chauncey Billups for Allen Iverson. It was a complete disaster. The Pistons went spiraling downward and couldn’t get to the playoffs, and after making more changes, they still haven’t recovered.

About halfway through the 2011-2012 NBA season, the Pistons started looking like a mediocre team, and with new additions to the lineup this year fans are expecting more. But will all the moves made in the offseason come to fruition? Unfortunately, signs don’t point to yes.

Biggest Strength: Um… Young Talent?

Looking at the Pistons, they really don’t have a strength. At all. Every category needs at least a little bit of work if not a lot, so that definitely doesn’t go in the Pistons’ favor. However, with the likes of rookies Andre Drummond, Khris Middleton, Kim English and 3rd year star of the team Greg Monroe, they look to have at least a semi-bright future. The Pistons’ had a pretty good draft this year, and I don’t think that was just a coincidence.

Biggest Weakness: Offense

Last year, the Pistons were an average defensive team and a poor offensive team. Greg Monroe was their best offense, while THREE of their starters (Tayshaun Prince, Brandon Knight and Jason Maxiell) were definitely better on defense. So, what did the Pistons do? Drafted Andre Drummond, who’s biggest strength is his defensive ability. The Pistons’ offensive woes will continue this year, unless they find someone other than Greg Monroe who can be a good offensive asset.

Player to Watch: Jonas Jerebko

Power forward Jonas Jerebko will be interesting to watch this year. He had high expectations last year, but he suffered an Achilles injury, forcing him to miss a lot of time. This year (hopefully), the Pistons will be able to showcase Jerebko’s skills, as his well-rounded play and offensive ability could be a huge asset to the team.

2011-2012 Record: 25-41

Coach: Lawrence Frank (250-282 career)

Key Additions: Corey Maggette, Andre Drummond

Maggette really is just a replacement of Ben Gordon. No real plus, but without him there’d be a weakness. Also, Andre Drummond is big, considering he could be a huge asset to the Pistons on defense.

Key Subtractions: Ben Wallace, Ben Gordon

Ben Wallace is old, but his presence on the team did not go unnoticed. It definitely helped. Also, Ben Gordon’s offensive abilities will be missed dearly.

Team Trajectory: Rising

The Pistons were at the top of their game, and in 2010-2011 and late 2011 they hit rock bottom. There’s nowhere to go but up, and the Pistons are slowly making their way back.

Projected Record: 37-45


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