Fantasy Basketball: Injuries, Rookies, and Omer

Week one of fantasy basketball is in the books, and we already have plenty of talking points. Let’s begin with the injuries…

1. Steve Nash has a small frature in his left leg, and has been downgraded to out for at least the next week. Not as huge news as you would think, Nash will still produce in this offense once the starting lineup develops more chemistry. I don’t recommend dropping Nash, but if you have another player you can drop, drop him and get some point guard help.

Nash Replacements

  • Jordan Crawford: No John Wall. Crawford should get a large bulk of shots for Washington.
  • Jose Calderon: With KLOE injured, Calderon will get a ton of assists.
  • Kemba Walker: Catch him while he’s on this hotstreak. He’ll score and provide some assists.
  • George Hill: Not a fan, but he’s currently averaging 12.3 points, 4.7 rebounds, and 4.8 assists

2. Brandon Rush tore his ACL against Memphis, and will miss the remainder of the season. Tough break for Brandon Rush, but for Rush owners, you can replace him, and you probably didn’t invest a high draft pick in getting him. Replacing him won’t be as tough, and I have the perfect guys to do it

Rush Replacements 

  • Jason Terry: Terry is still getting adjusted to Boston, but if he’s available, he should provide similar numbers
  • Dion Waiters: The rookie looked good, and after Kyrie Irving, he’s the next best scorer.
  • Mike Dunleavy: He’s on fire right now. He’ll replace Rush’s three-point production.

3. Danny Granger is out for the next three months, after work on his injured knee. The work included an injection to treat ” treat patellar tendinosis in his left knee.” Odds are, you picked Danny Granger in the fourth or fifth round, and there’s no one in free agency who you can provide Granger’s production. Even so, let’s look at some of the players you can pick up to replace Granger

Granger replacements

  • Kawhi Leonard: Leonard is starting for San Antonio, and should give you Granger’s rebounding
  • Dorrell Wright: Solid shooter, and the best wing option for the Sixers. Replaces Granger’s threes.
  • O.J. Mayo: Giving Dallas 21.5 points per game. Take him while he’s hot.

Spotlight: Omer Asik, Center, Houston Rockets

Omer Asik should be owned in all leagues for one reason: He’s going to give you rebounding. In his first three games this season, Asik has averaged 14.3 rebounds per game. Is it sustainable? Probably not, but Asik will give you between 9 to 11 rebounds per game. He’s not going to give you a bevy of scoring, but with James Harden and Jeremy Lin, Asik will be in a ton of pick and rolls. If Asik could average 8.0 points, Asik will be well worth the pick up. I recommend him for anyone who has a center you don’t trust (Andrew Bogut, Andrew Bynum, JaVale McGee).


One Response to Fantasy Basketball: Injuries, Rookies, and Omer

  1. Nash has screwed me since day one! He can’t come back soon enough for my team!!! 😦

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