The Sad Case Of The Detroit Pistons

The Detroit Pistons. 2004 NBA Champions. 2012 NBA laughing stock.

The Pistons came into the season looking like a team on the rise that had a small chance of making the playoffs in the Eastern Conference. They had a mediocre defense with an improving offense, and a star in Greg Monroe. This was looking, to Pistons fan, like the most exciting season since 2007.

The Pistons started the season off with a close loss to the Houston Rockets. It wasn’t too big of a downer, as James Harden dropped 37 points and the Pistons stuck with Houston until late in the 4th quarter.

But it just went downhill from there. The Pistons followed up that game with a disappointing loss to the new-look Phoenix Suns, followed by crushing 108-79 loss to the then-winless Los Angeles Lakers. After that game, the Pistons looked to rebound against the 0-3 Denver Nuggets, only to lose 109-97 in which six of Denver’s players racked up double-digit scoring.

Now 0-4, the Pistons are NOT where they wanted to be. They don’t want to repeat last season’s opening woes (started 4-21), but are already on their way to repeating that feat.

Detroit’s next game is against the 1-3 Sacramento Kings in Sacramento, hoping to notch their first win of the year.


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