Fight the Death Threat

According to CBS Sports Mike Brown’s son has been receiving death threats over the Lakers poor start to the season. While this doesn’t shock me it still irritates me and somewhat sickens me. The internet is gonna internet and there is nothing we can do about it but I feel like this whole anonymous death threat thing has to be put to an end. There are always reports every year about a player who received death threats from fans through the mail or on twitter that and honestly it’s never going to change. As long as sports exists we’re going to have extremist morons who will ruin it for everybody. But we can fight this.

For those of you wondering what this has to do about basketball, it has everything to do with it. There is no sport where players are more visible than basketball. They don’t have padding and a helmet to hide themselves from fans. They are also closer to fans than any sport with fans sitting in court side seats. Basketball players are the most marketed and the most well known. They are the most visible and because of that are the easiest targets for this kind of idiotic behavior.

With the explosion of social networking, especially twitter, it is easier than ever to send someone a death threat and that’s a problem. Fans are some of the fakest tough guys you will ever see. They yell stuff from afar in their seats and know that no matter what they say the player can’t touch them. It’s even worse on the internet where a fan from miles away can threaten your life and face no consequences. There is really nothing better to describe the worst part of the internet than a guy sitting at home threatening someone’s life while he hides behind his computer screen. These people should be outed and publicly shamed. In my opinion I wouldn’t mind them spending a day in jail for it. 

I’m going to attempt to find some bloggers, athletes, celebrities, etc.. who have received death threats on the internet. I’m going to ask them to give me a quick summary on it and how they reacted. If you know of anyone who has can you tell me in the comments their twitter handle so I can contact them? Thanks, lets try and fight what is easily the dumbest part of the internet and put an end to it. 


About Chris Barnewall
Hi I'm Chris. I'm from the Space Coast of Florida where NASA is. I grew up watching shuttles launch into the sky and watching the Orlando Magic on my TV. I hope by giving you my opinions and analysis on basketball we can have some awesome discussions on the topics I write. If you want to see some of the other random things I enjoy and talk about then go give me a follow on Twitter. @ChrisJandB Lets have fun with this!

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