Clippers get big win over Heat

Final Score: 107-100
Player of the Game: Blake Griffin
Turning point of the game: Chris Paul’s DEEP 3 towards the end of the Third Quarter

The Clippers came out prepared and ready in their game against a Miami team who in my opinion does not match up very well against this Clippers team. The game stayed close up to half time with the Heat staying in the game largely because of Lebron James and their 3 point shooting. The game continued to stay close through the 3rd quarter but there was a point towards the end of the 3rd and the beginning of the 4th where the Clippers took the lead and the Heat never caught up. The final score is closer than the game was as once the Clippers took control they held it.

I’ve always said the Heat’s biggest weaknesses are great PG’s (but really who doesn’t have that weakness?), strong big men, and 3 definitely 3 point shooting. The Clippers have all 3 of these things and they used them all to their advantage. Many people like to say PG defense doesn’t matter but the way Chris Paul was making entry passes and penetrating I’m pretty sure the Heat wouldn’t have minded Chalmers being a better defender. Paul wasn’t the reason the Clippers won though. Blake Griffin killed the Heat. Shooting 8-16 (with few midrange jumpers!!!), Blake was the one who ran the offense the majority of the game. Why the Heat didn’t move Bosh or Lebron over to defend Blake is beyond me but Shane Battier had no chance against the much stronger, more athletic, and faster Blake Griffin. Blake Griffin ran the offense from the post most of the game with Chris Paul giving him the ball almost immediately into possessions.

“ALL BLAKE GRIFFIN DOES IS DUNK”-Somebody who didn’t watch this game.
Blake Griffin’s footwork and technique down below were superb. He used his speed to get around Battier and once the help showed up Griffin would do a pump fake or two and use his feet to get around the defenders for layups. He did this multiple times throughout the game. When the Heat tried to double Griffin he would pass right out of it to begin a swing play of passes, or he would roll around it and look for the open man himself. Griffin finished with 6 assists.

Despite Blake’s performance the Heat managed to keep it close most of the game. The game started to become all Clippers after Chris Paul hit a deep 3 and then hit another 3 the very next possession. The Heat’s biggest weakness is the 3 point shot and once they started falling for the Clippers it was pretty much over for the Heat. Clippers get a big win and anybody who questioned them is probably thinking a little differently now.


About Chris Barnewall
Hi I'm Chris. I'm from the Space Coast of Florida where NASA is. I grew up watching shuttles launch into the sky and watching the Orlando Magic on my TV. I hope by giving you my opinions and analysis on basketball we can have some awesome discussions on the topics I write. If you want to see some of the other random things I enjoy and talk about then go give me a follow on Twitter. @ChrisJandB Lets have fun with this!

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