Toney Douglas vs. Austin Rivers: Who’s Worse?

Toney Douglas

Toney Douglas

A few days ago on Twitter, I asked everyone who they thought the worst guard in the NBA was. I got a lot of responses, but they were mostly between Austin Rivers and Toney Douglas.

Here are some stats:

Player          Age   MP  FG%  3P%  FT% TRB AST STL PTS

Toney Douglas    26 16.6 .343 .362 .966 1.4 1.9 1.0 6.9

Austin Rivers    20 27.1 .310 .333 .632 2.4 2.9 0.8 6.6

Ok, now that we’ve got that all sorted out let’s take a look at some of our Hoop City Blog writers and what they think. I’m going first.

JamesonOverall, it’s a pretty close battle of who’s worse. Neither player is that good, but when push comes to shove, Austin Rivers is probably worse. Granted, Rivers probably could have sharpened his skills if he stayed a few more years at Duke, he’s in the NBA now, and expectations are high. Rivers, on average, plays about 11 minutes more than Toney Douglas and gets only about one more assist and about the same amount of points. Really the only stat categories Rivers leads in at all are blocks and rebounds, which are both things you don’t really expect much of out of your guards. Douglas has a higher shooting percentage, three point percentage, and about a 10% higher true shooting percentage. Also, Douglas’ PER (Player Effeciency Rating) is 11.3, which looks like a fantastic PER compared to Rivers’ lowly 6.1. If you want to get WAY deep in sabermetrics (do they call it that for basketball?) into win shares, Douglas contributes for about 0.3 wins while Rivers contributes for -0.6. Although both of these players are bad, Rivers is probably worse.

Tucker: It’s close- they’re both inefficient shooters that don’t offer much else on offense. If you ask me, though, Austin Rivers has played worse so far this year. While Douglas does take more shots, he also hits 3s at an above-average rate (.362), which Rivers does not do (.333). Douglas gets to the line only slightly more often than Rivers (3.7 to 3.0 FTA per 36 minutes, respectively), but Douglas also is shooting .966 from the stripe, while Rivers is at a .632 clip. One thing I find interesting is that the difference between Douglas’s ORtg and DRtg is a bad -10, but Rivers’s difference is a Diop-esque -29. So I say Rivers is worse right now, but know fully well that, being only 20, he has a lot more room for improvement over the 26-year-old Douglas.

Ok, those are all of the opinions from your Hoop City Writers, now a couple of others from around the web

Caleb Nordgren (Writer for and Michigan State’s The State News): Well, given a choice, I would choose self-immolation over either of them. But at gunpoint? I’d go with Toney Douglas. Rivers at least seems like he might have potential to improve, even though his numbers are significantly worse. Douglas has proven at this point that he’s just awful.

Bo Churney (Writer for I want to say Toney Douglas, just because he has a history of being terrible. Rivers could just be dealing with a lot of rookie struggles.

What’s your decision?


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