Jimmer Fredette, he’s actually good?

There are many similarities between J.J. Redick and Jimmer Fredette. They both wear the Imagenumber 7. They both were insanely good in college. Both of them have a name that starts with the letter J. They also both came into the league and were known as shooters and were discounted by many into the 2nd season of their career. However when you look at the numbers both of them were very effective on the offensive end in the limited time they were on the court. The reason J.J. didn’t play very much however was due to his lack of ability on the defensive end. His coaches were Brian Hill and Stan Van Gundy two guys who will not put you out on the court for long periods of time unless you have the ability to play defense. J.J. couldn’t get on the court due to his inability to play defense. Jimmer can’t get on the court due to the Kings being a franchise that can’t do the simplest things right at the moment (THANKS MALOOFS! YOU’RE AWFUL!) and that’s sad because Jimmer is having a pretty good 2nd season.

Jimmer has played in 32 games this season and has a PER of 16.9 which is a little above average. He also has a TS% of .563 and an eFG% of .495, both up from last year, which is quite impressive for a sophomore player whose usage went up from 20% last year to 25% this year. Most young players see a decrease in efficiency when used more, Jimmer just did more good things. What’s amazing is despite Jimmer being a successful player on offense this year there are people out there who still think he’s going to be out of the league soon. I call this the Maloof affect. The Maloofs are a cancer and infect everything around them and destroy it. The Maloofs have made the Kings and everything about them and it is hurting the career of guys like Demarcus Cousins and Jimmer Fredette.

Jimmer still has plenty of flaws in his game just like any other player. He’s far from the best defender in the world and he struggles at finishing at the rim only making 26 of his 63 attempts there. However he can improve on these things just as Redick did. Redick is currently the most sought after player on the trade market and everybody out there thinks they could use him on their team. Jimmer has already shown that he has the shooting ability to be useful to a team. Add an ability to finish at the rim and improve on defense and he could be even better. 


About Chris Barnewall
Hi I'm Chris. I'm from the Space Coast of Florida where NASA is. I grew up watching shuttles launch into the sky and watching the Orlando Magic on my TV. I hope by giving you my opinions and analysis on basketball we can have some awesome discussions on the topics I write. If you want to see some of the other random things I enjoy and talk about then go give me a follow on Twitter. @ChrisJandB Lets have fun with this!

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