Yes, Nate Robinson Really Won A Player Of The Week Award

Nate Robinson won the Eastern Conference Player of the Week award for this past week (1/28 – 2/3).

I could only imagine this is a joke, because while Nate Robinson is better at basketball than 99.9% of people who happen to be roughly 5 inches shorter than me, he’s not good relative to people who are mostly taller than me who also happen to be really, really good at NBA basketball. He had a good week, although a 4-16 performance in a loss in Brooklyn doesn’t help his case.  And he did average nearly 18 points per game and started 2 games, nearly leading the conference in steals and assists for the week.

But you could argue (and I will, just because) that no fewer than 3 teammates (specifically Luol Deng, Jimmy Butler and Taj Gibson) actually had a more productive week. Taj Gibson played an entire game one night and played 45 minutes the next AND put up monster stats. Jimmy Butler continues to make an impact both as a starter and as a reserve. And Luol Deng still manages to be standing, so I’m fine with any recognition he receives in the meantime.

Anyway, this is all seemingly harmless because no one actually cares about player of the week awards. But this one particularly bothers me, because Nate Robinson continues to win awards he has no business winning. Mainly: he’s the only 3 time slam dunk award winner in NBA history, despite deserving *maybe* one of those awards (this is personal for me – I was so crushed when Iguodala lost that one contest). So maybe I’m a bit bitter. David Lee won for the Western Conference. Related: these two were teammates in both Golden State and New York.

Anyway, I felt that the collective surprise from the announcement was enough to put up this post, since I wasn’t doing anything and thought it to be a momentous occasion. For now, I leave you with twitter’s response to the news:


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