The Fast Break Jam Episode 3: I Can (Almost) See Clearly


On this week’s podcast, Jameson and I are joined by Skyler Gilbert, noted Lakers fan and author of the last two awesome posts on this site. We talk about current NBA stuff, the trade deadline, the Lakers, the winners and losers of the Dwight Howard trade (and we don’t all agree), and teams unofficially eliminated from playoff contention.

In hindsight, the Sixers now are officially on the list. Enjoy!


The Fast Break Jam Episode 2: Safely Landed


On this week’s podcast, Sean Highkin from The Classical and TrueHoop Network blogs Hardwood Paroxysm, Portland Roundball Society, and Magic Basketball, along with Jacob Frankel from this blog space and TrueHoop blog Hoopchalk stop by with Jameson and myself to talk all-star weekend, trade deadline, and some other slightly basketball-related things.

The Fast Break Jam Episode 1: Pilot

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Ah, it’s the first episode of the new Hoop City Blog podcast, The Fast Break Jam. In the first episode of the podcast, Sean and I discuss the current events, the top five moments of the season in the NBA and discuss this week’s all star events.


-HawksHoop blogger Bo Churney was supposed to be on the show, but after about 20 minutes of a Skype call his internet crapped out and he couldn’t continue on. Please forgive us and Bo.

-Here is a look at the Warriors awful jerseys.

-When I said they couldn’t be any worse than the Jazz acid wash uniforms,¬†these¬†were the ones I was talking about.

-I referenced a post about a possible Seattle Expansion team. Read the article here, by Sactown Royalty.